Football and Blockchain: can they “kick it off”?

Authored by Mikaela Kantor and Iacovos Kouppas As much as the last three months have been immensely informative and we have all developed new skills in our efforts to keep ourselves busy: be it banana-breads, gardening, dog-walking or hosting excellent "Houseparties", there's one thing that we have all, more or less been missing: live sports … Continue reading Football and Blockchain: can they “kick it off”?

“Cash or card, miss?” “Cryptos, please”.

We've crunched through half of July (already?), which essentially means that we've only got another month and a half to go with that "summer feeling" and before you know it Santa hats will be back in season - depending of course where you live, since that feeling is very much prolonged in places like Cyprus … Continue reading “Cash or card, miss?” “Cryptos, please”.