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“Mikaela is very eloquent in her writing style and despite the complexity of the topics she analyzes, she finds ways to be informative and simplistic – making reading her blogs fun and insightful.”

“Before reading this blog I had no idea what FinTech is, how it works or even the fact that I am already using it in my everyday life. By reading the articles on this blog I am discovering new ways to use fintech apps even more to make my life easier! I have subscribed and look forward to more pieces!”

“I have known Mikaela for many years and she has always been the one telling us to use our imagination, think big and challenge normality. Reading her articles will make you share that enthusiasm and prompt you to discover new ways of thinking and embrace new ideas. Highly recommend it!”

DORA, Cybersecurity Attacks and how to survive them

It cannot be any more relevant or current to be discussing and looking into cybersecurity issues and concerns, for any type, size or form of organization you may be involved in. Only in the last three weeks we have seen governmental institutions being immobilized due…

Technology, disruptions and legal determination

If there’s one definite thing that we had to learn over the last 11 months is how to persevere. How to “face adversity” in our lives (be it in the form of house quarantine, business lockdown, limitations to our freedom, to our health and for…

Football and Blockchain: can they “kick it off”?

Authored by Mikaela Kantor and Iacovos Kouppas. As much as the last three months have been immensely informative and we have all developed new skills in our efforts to keep ourselves busy: be it banana-breads, gardening, dog-walking or hosting excellent “Houseparties”, there’s one thing that…

Making university finances easier

This September, just like every September of every year, thousands of 18+ year olds are being sent off by their parents in pursuit of “Higher Education endeavors” across Europe and/or generally all over the world. This September, just like every September of every year, millions…

Throwback to what we’ve learned so far…

It is common that with every summer ending we tend to reflect back to the “year” we’ve had; be it the start of a new academic year (traumatized from our plentiful school years), the end of the financial year at work (and the crossing of…


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Mikaela is an advocate registered and practicing in Cyprus.

Prior to landing on the island, she worked for an international law firm in London where she experienced first-hand the rapid development of the FinTech, Reg-Tech and Legal-Tech industry and her enthusiasm sparked.

She is a technology enthusiast and at work she specializes in financial services. Through this blog she brings the two to coexist in harmony.

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